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Soft skills are a hot topic nowadays. But what stands behind this term and can it be boiled down to just practicing “mutual respect” and the need “to listen to each other”? In this piece, I’d like to mention some other not that obvious aspects of soft skills. As well as to show how they are to be applied in practice.

One renowned army surgeon who went through two of the greatest wars of the 20th century confessed in his memoir that the hardest ordeal for him had been not tiredness at operations or terror while shells and bombs fell…

(borrowed from the internet)

An extended cheatsheet for Business Analysts and Solution Architects

I’ve been involved lately in a few discussions regarding whether Business Systems Analysts should be an instrumental part of project management. The majority of PMs do believe that this is a responsibility vested exclusively onto them.

Below, I’ve tried to summarise the important (in my view) points that Business Analysts (BA) and Solution Architects (SA) must consider (or influence) for the successful execution of an IT project. Of course, almost each of the points mentioned below, to be used properly, requires more than a trivial knowledge of the subject.

All methodologies mentioned herein belong to their respective authors (links to…

One very wise woman (E. Shulman) lately introduced a very simple yet powerful way of distinguishing rumors from the information. The core idea can be expressed in just two clauses:

Re-write the story removing all actors’ names and positions. If a text after such transformation still has meaning and delivers information it really represents something valuable that deserves studying.

I tried out this method a few times and I’ve been surprised how well it works. I think it deserves to be implemented through neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) algorithms, but have not yet figured out all the details.

But here I want…

Igor Topalov

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